Although a native of Atlanta, Georgia, I have lived the majority of my life in South Carolina and Florida.

In 1997, I moved to Sofia, Bulgaria where I took my first art class. I was hooked. Ten years and three children later , I still love to paint. I have studied under noted artists Bill Jamison and Karen Hewitt Hagen from Charleston, South Carolina and Patti Shistle , Kaye Callaway and Don Sondag of the Maitland Art Center and Crealde Art School in Florida.

My love for painting is a family trait. My grandmother, mother, aunt and sister are all accomplished artists. I specialize in oils but also enjoy acrylic. Children are among my favorite subjects to paint. Initially, I illustrated my two sons. Then, when my daughter arrived, I included her images in my works.

As my family grows, my love and interest in painting continues to grow. My works have expanded to include commissioned pieces for other families (fathers, sons, siblings, mothers with babies ,et cetera) I continue diversifying the scope of my paintings to keep my interests fresh, such as landscapes, architecture and sea life. Bright colors, thick and layered paints are central to my work. Influenced by the works of Susie Pryor (bold passion and reflection) and Carolyn Anderson (yin and yang, light and dark, warm and cool), I am inspired to experiment, sweeping from abstract to realism. Painting is an ever changing journey that never ends. And, I love to travel.


In addition to painting, I have also started a business that brings art, cooking and etiquette to local schools in Winter Park, Orange County and Seminole County. I have 4 intructors and over 100 children a week in my classes as well as my week long camps. I find much enjoyment in watching my student’s love of art grow as they do. It is amazing what they can accomplish when they are free to express themselves.



Finalist in a national contest for the Florida Tomato Council -October 2008

Selected to participate in the Maitland Art Center pARTicipation fundraiser May 2009

Selected to participate in the Crealde School of Art show June 2009 Participant in the Country Club of Orlando Art Show Please visit my blog at